What Emery Made Arsenal Players Do After Man City Loss

Arsenal started the 2018/19 Premier League season with a game against reigning Champions Manchester City on Sunday.

Unfortunately for Unai Emery, his side gave him a gloomy welcome in his first competitive game in charge at the club as they were beaten by the current Premier League and Community Shield champions.

There is now a report that has surfaced regarding an action taken by the club manager after that shameful display.

Yesterday, I saw an update on this in an Arsenal WhatsApp group I belong to and few hours later, same has been reported by The Express.

Unai Emery made the Arsenal first team play a behind-closed-doors game with Crystal Palace a day after losing 2-0 to Man City, according to an insider.

This insider is someone many Arsenal fans know. He is Robbie of ArsenalFanTV. He made the revelation in a video published on the ArsenalFanTV YouTube channel.

He stated that the manager made the Arsenal first team players play with the Crystal Palace first team who fielded all their first team players who did not feature in their win over Fulham.

Unai made his men play the same style of football he wants them to adopt – the ‘pressing from the back’ style.

Robbie then said that he wasn’t quite sure of how it ended but that he learnt it was a 4-0 victory for Arsenal.

Fans have since lauded Emery for this.

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