Arsenal Midfielder Issues Apology After World Cup Show

Xhaka double-headed eagle celebration
Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters
Granit Xhaka has issued an apology following his double-headed eagle celebration at the Russia 2018 World Cup.

The Arsenal midfielder who is of Albanian descent did this after scoring against Serbia in that 2-1 victory and has promised not to get involved in such in future.

The gesture he made attracted a fine from football governing body, FIFA, who tagged the act a politically inflammatory one which could raise diplomatic tension.

Xherdan Shaqiri followed suit with same as soon as he scored the winner late in the game but his apology lacks remorse.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of Switzerland's UEFA Nations's Cup match with Iceland, Xhaka said: “I’m sorry for what happened and I would be stupid if I said I’d do it again,”

“It will never happen again.

“I have only one passport, the Swiss one, and I wear the red-coloured jersey of Switzerland proudly.

“I will be eternally grateful to [coach, Vladimir] Petkovic for supporting me before the match against Serbia.

“You cannot imagine how I felt before the enormity of insults and hatred of which I had become the object of.”

The double-headed eagle, a symbol of the Albanese flag, has a deep connection with Albanian independence. 

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