Arsenal Narrowly Escape Another Disaster

Thank God or whoever you believe in if you are still alive or have not developed high blood pressure after watching Arsenal play against Cardiff City on Sunday. I must say that it was a game that caused the heart to beat faster than normal. It looked as if blood was no longer flowing in me despite the heavy pounding from my chest. Whichever way, the end justified the means at the close of the day.

Second consecutive win it was for Arsenal in today's encounter. It was similar to our last game against West Ham United in that in both, we were able to send three past their goalkeepers.

The game away at Cardiff saw our opponents respond to every goal we scored except for the final one which made the difference and gave us the needed victory. A 12th-minute Mustafi header put us ahead and we struggled for balance for the remaining part of the first half. A moment came when it looked as if we were going to step up our lead but the goal was not just ours as we saw Lacazette denied a clear one by the woodwork. Ecstasy ruined!

It became so bad for us to the point that I and some Arsenal supporters who watched the game together began to wish we escape with the 1-0 scoreline at halftime since massive pressure was on us from the opposition but our hopes got dashed shortly before the end. They came back on level terms.

The second half gave redemption to that guy, the goalscoring machine who went on sabbatical for a while. His misfiring and lack of goals in our last three games raised concerns over his form. Fortunately for him, his African ancestors and 'village people' decided to set him free. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was on target to make it 2-1. The King is back!

On, on and on it went till we received another blow in the eye (Oh Lord! Save my soul!). We were not going to lose, so a voice came unto substitute Lucas Torreira to set up Lacazette and behold, the Uruguayan obeyed the commandment and the winner came.

The game ended shortly after and we had our heads high. It was a narrow escape but we at least got what we needed which was victory.

Our display in today's game shows we have a lot of work to do especially at the back. We no longer have the ability to keep leads. Conceding every now and then will not help in our progress. Something has to be done urgently or we risk being thrown deep down the table in no time.

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