David Seaman's Message to Bernd Leno Amid Selection Worry

David Seaman's Message to Bernd Leno Amid Selection Worry
Bernd Leno
David Seaman has implored Bernd Leno not to give up and wait for his time even as it seems he is out of favour at Arsenal.

The German goalkeeper was one of the Gunners' top summer acquisitions but surprisingly, he has still not been deployed in any of their games so far.

On his arrival from Bayern Leverkusen during the recent transfer window, it was expected that he will automatically beat Petr Cech to the No.1 spot due to his top form.

It has not played out that way and this looks to have caused concern for fans who still do not understand why a player who was bought for £22.5 million will be on the bench when he is even better than the preferred option.

In connection to this, it is likely that the player himself may be disturbed over happenings which is why former Arsenal goalkeeper and club legend has advised Leno to keep calm and not be in a rush.

‘He has to be patient. Petr Cech has done nothing wrong in goal,’ said the Englishman.

‘Ok, so he is adjusting to playing with the ball from the box. But he has been able to contribute to the team and has done nothing to cause him to be left out.’

Seaman is of the view that Leno's present predicament is not a disaster as it is one which which help in his adaptation to the ways of the Premier League as he watches Cech play.

Cech is has conceded eight goals in four games played so far and is yet to keep a clean sheet.

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