Hector Bellerin Publicly Ridicules Top UK Outlet for Lying

Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin has publicly hit at a top news outlet in the United Kingdom for what he termed 'lies'.

The Spanish international took to his Twitter account to slam the Daily Mail for a publication it made last week. It was reported in that article that reputable English artist, Endless, made a drawing of Bellerin which he got paid £25 000 for.

The aftermath of this was that a section of supporters criticised Bellerin for being a wasteful spender why some others felt he had the right to do anything he wants with his money since he laboured for it.

The right-back has now come out to clear the air as he states that the artwork was a gift which he paid no penny for. In addition, he implored 'people' to desist from saying things which are not factual.

It is amazing how news outlets have gotten under fire in the last few weeks. It was BBC Africa who recently got into trouble for making a tweet which was a clear disrespect to former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger after the Frenchman was given Liberia's highest national honour by his former player, George Weah, who is now President.

 The BBC Africa handle tweeted:  "Arsenal's ex-coach Arsene Wenger finally wins a medal, thanks to Liberia's President George Weah."

This met several criticism from the public, prompting the BBC to render an apology in which it said that it was just an attempt at humour.

This does not even sound like an apology to me because the initial tweet that sparked controversy is still live. I would have taken them serious if they had taken it down.

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