Unai Emery Reported Fruit Juice Ban Not True

If you were as confused as I was when the news of Unai Emery banning fruit juice from the diet of Arsenal players sprung up then you must be in your right senses.

It was widely reported about a week ago or so that the Spanish manager, Arsene Wenger's successor, has instructed the club"s canteen to no longer make fruit juice available to the players.

Knowing fullly well the benefits of fruit juice, I was stunned to the marrow by such a move even though I did not show my surprise when I talked about it. It was like depriving a newly birthed baby of breastmilk. I made no critical reaction to the development as I had no explicit fact to work with. I even felt at a point that if actually Unai did such then it would be for a tangible reason and to the benefit of the players. I was not wrong after all.

A long time friend and Arsenal supporter who resides in the United Kingdom was so furious about the news when it showed up initially but he has now carried out a research and sent a mail to inform me that the press was not accurate with its report as he stated that Emery did not outrightly ban fruit juice.

What the former Paris Saint Germain boss asked them to do away with was juice gotten from concentrate which is cheaper and lacks premium nutritional value.

“I have carried out my own research,” he said. "Unai has not banned fruit juice. He has banned juice from concentrate.

“He said freshly squeezed i.e. natural orange and other juice is fine. As I said it made no sense for him to ban fruit juice and he didn’t.”

Now you know Unai Emery never banned fresh and natural fruit juice at Arsenal. Who does that?

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