Twitter Goes 'Gaga' Over Mesut Ozil As Germany Suffer

Twitter Goes 'Gaga' Over Mesut Ozil As Germany Suffer
Mesut Ozil | Arsenal Official

I just logged on to Twitter to get an information having to do with the richest doctor in Nigeria but on getting there, something else caught my attention.

I saw Mesut Ozil trending and sought to know why it was so and after reading through a number of tweets, it was so clear that many football fans still got great backing for him.

The social media network was on fire after Germany's 3-0 loss to the Netherlands as fans took shots at the likes of Uli Hoeness who were in the past negatively critical of the Arsenal midfielder.

Shortly after the Russia 2018 World Cup ended, Ozil retired from the German national team due to gestures of 'racism and disrespect' directed towards him. He was always singled out for blame whenever the team performed badly.

Fortunately, he wasn't one of those who represented Germany when they were disgraced tonight and fans have since taken to Twitter to mock them.

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