Wenger Gives Fresh Hopes On Ramsey Contract Situation

Wenger Gives Fresh Hopes On Ramsey Contract Situation
Aaron Ramsey | Credit: Getty

Arsene Wenger has given news that Aaron Ramsey is definitely on his way out of Arsenal a new twist.

The Wales international saw talks for a new contract hit the rock with speculations springing up about his inevitable exit from the Emirates Stadium.

Ramsey who pulled out of the Welsh national side to attend to family issues has a current deal that will expire at the end of the season and should he see out his contract, he will leave as a free agent, making the club be at the losing end.

Weeks ago, it was reported that with the stage it has gotten to, Arsenal will no longer make any move to make him stay but going by what Wenger has stated, there are still chances the club will make some progress in negotiations in the near future.

The Frenchman who tried giving the soon-to-be father of twins an improved package before his departure from the club is of the opinion that it isn't yet over on this.

“We tried that before and it still can happen,” Wenger told reporters when asked if he would give Ramseya new contract.

“I don’t really know what is happening at Arsenal. Sure, Aaron Ramsey is in a strong position now and he will use this position.

“But I don’t know how far Arsenal will go in terms of giving him a huge contract. These things were once my responsibility but not anymore. I am happy about that.”

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