Arsene Wenger Reveals Why He Rejected Real Madrid Job

Why Arsene Wenger Did Not Join Madrid

Arsene Wenger feels he will not get the opportunity of becoming Real Madrid manager after turning down offers from them in the past.

The Frenchman however has no regrets whatsoever for making the giant decision of staying at Arsenal instead of heading to Spain for a probably better pay.

While still with the Gunners where he won three Premier League titles and seven FA Cup trophies, the 69-year-old was severally considered to manage the Los Blancos but due to the task ahead of him - the Emirates Stadium project,  he backed out.

In an interview with bein SPORTS, the veteran who spent 22 years in North London said: "I turned Madrid down more than once.

"Now it's over for me. But you ask any manager in the world, they would be interested in managing the biggest club in the world. Everyone would say it's the biggest club in the world."

Quizzed on if his refusal to join Madrid was linked to his loyalty to Arsenal, Wenger responded in the affirmative while also saying that it was all because of his quest to see that the Emirates Stadium transition went as planned.

"Yes. It was in the middle of a project.

"We built the stadium, we had to pay it back, and I guaranteed that I would stay, and I'm quite happy with my decision."

Many will applaud Wenger for such a move considering that most coaches will go for a switch especially if it is with a club of such wealth and calibre.

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