Dad of David Ospina Surprised By Manager's Comments

david ospina will get permanent deal at napoli

News surfaced on Monday linking a quote to Carlo Ancelotti. In his claim, Napoli have decided to give David Ospina a permanent deal, meaning he will be with them for the coming season.

This was unveiled at a press conference where the Italian boss said that the goalkeeper will remain at the club whether he plays the number of games required or not.

Ospina joined the Italian giants from Arsenal at the beginning of the season through a deal that had a condition attached.

In the clause, Napoli will have to give the 30-year-old a full-time contract if he makes a particular number of appearances but contrary to earlier speculations that the Parthenopeans do not want him to stay beyond the summer, Ancelotti has said that will not be the case.

This new development has taken Herman, the father of Ospina, by surprise as he claims to know nothing about what Ancelotti revealed. He however welcomed such move.

“I was not aware of Ancelotti’s words, to be honest: I didn’t know anything about it. It’s, however, wonderful news, I hope it becomes reality,” Hernan Ospina told Radio Marte (via Per Sempre Napoli).

“It’s nice for a father to know something like that because the boy is very well in Naples and wants to stay. David is focused, working with dedication and waiting for the opportunities the manager offers him. Ospina has had room at Napoli, has been well received by the people and is peaceful. Napoli are an important opportunity for my son, who has the chance to show his qualities in the international scenario, we are happy.”

The authenticity of this news will be confirmed when there is an official announcement but it is unlikely that the South American will return to Arsenal where he will struggle to get adequate playtime.

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