Highest Paid Footballers in Europe's Top Leagues. Ozil Makes List

highest paid footballers top 10

If there is one common term football fans research on frequently, it is highest paid footballers. They love to be aware of how much stars earn so as to know what to expect from them on the field of play. While some have proven that they really deserve such huge pay, others have been unable to live up to expectations and have received massive criticism for that.

In a recent publication from L'Equipe, ten players who earn the most in Europe's top five leagues have been revealed. In the release, the French newspaper outlet disclosed what each of them takes as salary before tax every month. You will definitely be shocked with some names present there.

The list includes clubs from Spain, England, Italy and France with Germany being the only major European league with no representative. Rober Lewandowski, the highest earning player in the Bundesliga could not get a slot as he earns £1.2 million. The La Liga boasts of five names on the latest ranking.

Lionel Messi as expected emerged number one on the list. The Barcelona star gets £7.3 million which is almost twice what Cristiano Ronaldo is paid at Juventus. The latter is next with £4.1 million in wages per month.

You will be disappointed if you are expecting Neymar to be the next because the one directly behind the two best players in the world is Antoine Griezmann. The Atletico Madrid and France star earns £2.9 million, courtesy last season's new contract.

Neymar is on fourth spot with a £2.7 million monthly pay before tax at Paris Saint Germain.

In fifth position is another Barcelona man, Luis Suarez, who is rewarded with £2.5 million while Real Madrid's Welsh international, Gareth Bale follows with £2.2 million.

There is a third player from the Camp Nou making number seven and that is Philippe Coutinho. The former Liverpool star as a result of the deal he signed in the first month of 2018 earns £2 million.

We now head to the Premier League where Manchester United's Alexis Sanchez makes eight position from a £2 million-per-month wage. The Chilean is one of the players on this list that will get people shocked by what they earn despite their poor form.

Neymar's teammate Kylian Mbappe is the penultimate one on the list. The 2018 World Cup winner earns £1.5 million. PSG nearly produced a third person in Edinson Cavani (£1.3 million).

I know some of you are beginning to wonder why my name is yet to show up on this list. If not for one thing, either Messi or Ronaldo would have dropped down because I will be where they occupy. Unfortunately, I am not a footballer.

And the tenth and last on the ranking for the highest paid footballers is... I am sure there will be an uproar in the footballing world especially among Arsenal fans who would like to know what Mesut Ozil actually does for a £1.4 million earning per month. The assist king has not had it smooth this season - he has hardly been involved, raising rumours that he will be sold at the end of the season.

Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers Before Tax (monthly)

Lionel Messi £7.3million

Cristiano Ronaldo £4.1m

Antoine Griezmann £2.9m

Neymar £2.7m

Luis Suarez £2.5m

Gareth Bale £2.2m

Philippe Coutinho £2m

Alexis Sanchez £2m

Kylian Mbappe £1.5m

Mesut Ozil £1.4m

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