Leaked Image of Arsenal's New Adidas Away Kit for 2019/20

arsenal adidas away kit 2019-20 season

A picture believed to be that of Arsenal's Adidas away jersey for the 2019/20 season has got supporters highly excited.

Expectations have been high since the announcement of the Gunners' new kit deal which will see them put an end to their partnership with Puma.

Kits designed during this five-year period have not received so great reviews from fans who now patiently await a change.

While tarrying for the season to end, two different home kit leaks have gone viral on the internet in recent weeks and we now have one for the road.

This leak suggests a return to the bruised banana art used in the early 1990s. Its look is one that is sure to attract anyone on first sight and it is not surprising that it has been met with numerous positive reactions.

Reports have it that the agreement reached by Arsenal and Adidas is worth £300 million over a five-year period which translates to £60 million annually.

This will be the most valuable kit deal in football history if one is to go by the above figures. Barcelona's deal with Nike and Manchester United's with Adidas take the lead.

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