See How Matteo Guendouzi Laughed CRAZILY at Sokratis Papastathopoulos

guendouzi matteo laugh at sokratis papa

Have you ever watched someone laugh in a very crazy way that you could not also help but get cracked up?

This was the case with me when I watched Matteo Guendouzi dish out lengthy laughter in a video recorded with Sokratis Papastathopoulos.

To be frank, I never knew what exactly caused the laughter at first, though I was so in love with the action in the clip.

Many Arsenal fans on Twitter and Reddit also said they were confused as they did not know the source of Douzi's hysterical bomb.

It's so contagious! Hardly would you see anyone watch without doing what the 19-year-old did too - even Papa who hardly smiles did in this one.

According to the caption attached to the video by the club on Twitter, the difficulty experienced by Sokratis in pronouncing a word in a foreign language (Mandarin) birthed Douzi's uncontrollable outburst.

Mandarin is a group of similar varieties of Chinese dialects spoken in northern and southwestern China.

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