Picture: Arsenal Adidas Home Kit for Next Season Leaked

arsenal adidas kit for next season

An image which is believed to be the jersey Arsenal will wear in the 2019/20 season has surfaced, causing division among fans.

The Gunners faithfuls since knowing of their club's new kit deal with Adidas have been eager to see what the partnership will bring in terms of fashion and now that there seems to be a clue, a majority of the fold are highly disappointed.

The few who think it isn't that bad, as well as the aforementioned, have since gone on Reddit to air their views concerning their potential costume.


“Just like to point out once again, kits never look good when they’re photographed like this”, one supporter said, while another simply exclaimed: “That looks s**t!”

Other negative reactions include: “Still looks crap.” and “That's so bad. The kit is red and white. Not red, white and blue/gold.”

A few were however pleased.

“Don’t think it’s that bad". came one response.

“The trim on the sleeves isn’t great, but I’m pretty happy with the rest of it” followed.

And another said: “Looks great apart from the trimmings round the sleeve.”

Arsenal will commence their £300 million kit deal with Adidas on July 1 after staying with Puma for the last five years.

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