Reiss Nelson Admits Why He Was Dropped by Manager

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Reiss Nelson has stated why his manager dropped him from the squad before both settled after he had apologised.

The Arsenal forward currently on loan at Hoffenheim was not named in the squad to face Numberg two weeks ago and this raised concern among Gunners faithfuls who felt he was injured.

Asked about his decision to exempt the 19-year-old from the game which they won 2-1, Julian Nagelsmann, said that it was an educational measure.

The Bundesliga side's coach gave no further detail but Nelson has come out to admit what warranted such a move.

According to the player, it was a retrospective punishment for his late-coming to training aimed at correcting a negative habit.

Nelson told the Daily Mail after his recent participation for the England U21 side: “I was late to training, I was 20 minutes late, and that’s something I need to learn from. You can make mistakes but it’s your job and you shouldn’t be late.

“I held my hand up and I said sorry to him and we both moved on as bigger men. He put me in the squad the next week because I’d been doing well.”

Nagelsmann made the right move. A youngster like Nelson is at the learning stages of his career and as such, needs to be guided properly. He is on loan for development not just on the pitch but also in character.

It is good he realised his mistake, apologised and was recalled in the next  match against Stuttgart. Hopefully, such an occurrence will not repeat itself.

So far, Nelson is doing well on loan prompting Arsenal fans to call for his quick return to the club. One even warned the club not to make the mistake of selling him out.

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