Wolves Tear Arsenal Yansh No Be Small


Wetin Arsenal eyes see for Wolves hand on Wednesday night strong sotay I no go fit talk am for oyinbo language na im make me say make I respect myself speak pidgin.

E be like say the bullet wey dem carry go Molineux Stadium na Aba made because I no understand how e be say small team like that yeye dem with 3-1 beating. As e dey go ehn, e don dey be like say dem no go fit chook leg for Champions League boot next season.

Plenty people don gather dey bad mouth our Oga at the top but if we go talk true, no be him be the village person wey follow us for back today. The guy use people wey dem head correct small.

We start the game wella, press our opponents them small, but as my people dey always talk, no be who get fine handwriting dey carry first for class o.

Upon all our gragra, e no tey before dem samma us better slap for face o. Na one bros wey no get joy like that wey dem dey call Neves play free-kick from 20-yards enter net o. If na stone the guy put for leg ni, I no know.

"Na so all dis moi-moi teams dey do. Dem go still chop am" be wetin we dey reason for our small mind. My broda, no be play play o. Dis people no bring mat come pitch o, na cutlass dem pack come. Before I know wetin dey sup, dem don bite us again.

I no know who send Doherty make e go put head for ball wey Jota cross enter box o. Something wey e for just do like say him no see. World pipu just too wicked. Laidat laidat, e turn two but we no vex.

After that time na im one guy be dey ask me say which teams dey play. I fes dey wonder if him no get eyes but na wen Jota pepper us again na im I understand him question. Me sef come dey confuse if na Arsenal dey play abi na Remo Stars. Eeeeeewo!

All dis thing wey I talk put for ground so no be 90 minutes matter o. Na just first half be this o. Na this time water start dey comot for my eyes. No be say I dey cry o. Na one ant enter my eye.

Wall wey strong pass wetin Dangote cement go fit build na im dis our Wolves brethren go carry put for their post o. We knock door sotey, dem no gree us enter but e reach stage wey Sokratis run dem street with him big body come nod ball enter net but las las na we still cry comot there as e be say we no see pass that one.

Body no sweet me with wetin happen at all. I even dey vex the more with the one wey sup wen Crystal Palace come pursue us from our house on Sunday. Make una hold me before I vex go baff naked.

Leicester City na im we dey go next. I just dey pray say make we win dat one, den make Man Utd and Chelsea just draw so dem go fit share the points one one. Una wan pack all the three before? Na long throat go kee una.

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