Lucas Torreira Stuns Arsenal Fans With Transfer Admission


Lucas Torreira has stated that he plans to leave to play in South America, thereby throwing supporters in a state of worry.

The midfielder has established himself as a major figure since making the switch from Sampdoria last summer which will make fans want to see more of him at the Emirates.

Discussing his future earlier this week, the Uruguayan international disclosed his admiration of Boca Juniors who he would love to play for someday.

According to Torreira, he keeps close tabs on the Argentine league where the said club competes with their colleagues.

"I would like to see Boca's match, but it's a bit late and tomorrow we train early. I will do everything possible," he told FOX Sports.

"One day, I want to play for Boca and wear their shirt. It’s a dream I have had since I was a little kid. It’s no secret, my family and friends know that.

"I was with several friends in the Madrid final. I did not think I was going to suffer so much, I lived it with a lot of nerves. It was not as we wanted, but reaching the final is not for anyone. It was a nice show because I had never had the chance to see Boca."

Boca's Sporting Director has since responded by saying that signing him now is unlikely as he only recently joined Arsenal. However, Nicolas Burdisso did not deny his side's interest Torreira.

"Torreira? It is lovely to hear him talk about the club with such affection but he’s just moved to Arsenal and signing him now is impossible," Burdisso said.

"It is one of those cases where the player has to make the first move. We will wait for the right moment."

I believe fans that are scared are the ones who have blown the 23-year-old's statement out of proportion.

When he said he would love to play for Boca, he was not necessarily talking of next season so you all should calm down. The guy still has a lot of years ahead of him and we do not expect him to spend them all at Arsenal.

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