Arsenal Fans Begin Move to Remove Satan Kroenke

After enduring a lot of heartbreak as supporters of Arsenal under his watch, fans have made a move to strike a change.

Stan Kroenke has clearly shown over the years that he is not capable of stirring the club back to its glory days, not because he can't, but as a result if his negligence.

The American investor seems to be only after his own financial gains not minding whether the club and followers get something to celebrate.

He even infuriated fans at a time by saying that as long as the club is okay monetarily, laurels do not really count. Now that a new manager is on, the same issue lingers on. For the summer transfers for instance, there is only £45 million set side.

To protest his lacklustre attitude and push him out if possible, a fan has opened a petition on Change. So far, it has been signed by over 600 fans and will definitely be signed by more once it gets viral.

Will this yield a positive outcome or not? Time will tell.

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