A Week Wage of Arsenal Players Should Be Seized

seize arsenal players wage

As usual, Arsenal once again disappointed their supporters by losing 4-1 to Chelsea in the Europa League final that held in Baku on Wednesday night.

No one would see his side play with less ambition at a time when something very important was at stake and feel happy. Apart from the fact that they've never won the trophy, it was a chance to make it to next season's Champions League but sadly, they blew it.

We saw players who do not deserve to play at a club like Arsenal running aimlessly all through 90 minutes. No spark, no sharpness and to think that they'll all go on to receive wages annoys me.

As soon as we qualified for the finals, many began to complain about the choice of venue. UEFA's pick was not in favour of many that wished to travel because of the very high cost and inconvenience involved.

In the midst of this, some fans still went the extra mile to make sacrifices. They had to travel for hours, (I know of a lady who spent thirty hours), made stopovers, only to be served such a disheartening blow. Is that fair?

Some fans did not travel. They watched on TV from the comfort of their homes but the level of pain in them at the end of the encounter was on the high.

Now imagine how the ones who risked their lives in the air, paid a lot for flight and hotel reservations among other expenses, would feel. Very bad to the point of depression if I will guess.

It is for this reason I want something done. It nay sound weird but I don't care. All those players who were involved in the game, the ones that brought the fans much  hurt, should forfeit at least a week's wage just to show they are humane. This decision cannot be forced in them, they should voluntarily do this.

With their one-week pay, the fans who travelled should be compensated. Who is with me on this and can we just push for this through a petition?

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