Matteo Guendouzi Stuns Arsenal Fans With What He Did

Matteo Guendouzi has kept Arsenal fans' mouths agape with his show of class while on duty with his country.

The midfielder moved to North London last summer at a time when many thought he would begin from the youth ranks but luckily for him, he impressed when given few chances thereby making him a member of the first tram.

The 20-year-old midfielder made a total of 48 appearances in which he grabbed a goal and two assists. He was able to win supporters' hearts with his confidence on the ball.

In the build-up to France's U-21 European Championship clash with England, the former Ligue 2 star joined the rest of his teammates in training.

During the session, they were made to practice volleying. The ball is sent into the box then the players take turns to shoot.

When it came to Douzi's turn, the ball came in and he hooked his foot around it, firing it into the top right corner.

The looks on the faces of his colleagues were obviously those of surprise as they all watched with silence.

Fans have also marvelled since getting to see the video.

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