Police Release Possible Cause of Antonio Reyes' Death


On Saturday, June 1, 2019, the same day Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur in the UEFA Champions League final, the footballing world lost one of its own.

It was Jose Antonio Reyes who died after having a ghastly motor accident. A cousin of his in same vehicle did not survive it either.

A possible cause of his demise has now surfaced based on ongoing investigations by the police. Reyes was moving at about 220kmph which is far above the speed limit of 120kmph in Spain.

However, it has not yet been ascertained if that was the major cause of the tragedy that befell the member of the Arsenal Invincibles.

A spokesperson of the Guardia Civil in a chat with the BBC said: "The investigation is still open. Because of that, we cannot still say that the speeding was the only and final cause of the accident. 

"And neither can we still say the exact speed of the car. We know for sure that it was more than 220kmph."

More than 11 000 paid their last respect to Reyes on Sunday before he was buried in his hometown in Sevilla the following day.

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