Legend Slams Arsenal Skipper

The news of how Laurent Koscielny rebelled against authority by refusing to travel to the United States of America is everywhere at the moment.

Criticisms have flown in from left right and centre since the disappointing incident occurred and Ian Wright has joined in airing his view on the issue.

The Arsenal captain is bent on leaving the club for one of the three Ligue 1 sides that have approached him for a transfer. He wants the Gunners to terminate his contract but his offer was turned down.

On Thursday, when the team boarded a flight for the USA, the Frenchman did not go along with them. This was a kind of protest against his employers - a move gone bad.

Ian Wright has now given his take on the issue. From his words, it is clear that he is not happy with Koscielny for such unruly behaviour.

"For our captain to refuse to go on a pre-season tour after 9 years of unbelievable service to destroy your legacy at a club that you’ve professed to love... it’s baffling", said Wright.

"Why? Who are your advisors? What are they saying to you? You are the one who has built up this legacy which is why the fans love you so much. You are our captain, you are our leader.

"Our captain is refusing to go on the pre-season tour. How to you think that looks for Smith Rowe? How does it feel for Reiss [Nelson] or Willock or all those young guys coming through now to see the captain after all those years of service refuse to go?"

Arsenal released a statement to address the issue. In case you missed it, check here.

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