Sanchez: I Felt Like Returning to Arsenal After My First Training at Man United

A statement aimed at Manchester United has come from one of their former employees and this is sure going to bite them deep in the but, their fans especially.

Alexis Sanchez has said that his move from Arsenal to Old Trafford looked to be a good one until he had his first training session with them.

In his words, he felt like going back to the Gunners as soon as he saw the manner in which things were being done at a club supposed to be a better option for a player like him searching for laurels.

His claims cannot be easily shoved going by how he fared at the side he joined from Arsenal in January 2018. In fact, it was that point where they were in a very big crisis on and off the pitch.

Unable to break through, the Chilean international had to head out on loan at Inter Milan and in contrast to his time with the Red Devils, he impressed greatly.

The 31-year old in a clip he posted on his Instagram handle revealed how he got to know that things were surely not going to work out as a result of the high level of disunity in the squad at that time.

"After the first training session I realised many things, I came home and asked my family and my manager if I could not break the contract and return to Arsenal, something did not fit me, but I had already signed," Sanchez said.

"Months passed and I kept feeling the same. We were not united as a team at that time.

"The journalists also spoke without knowing and it hurt. Former players also spoke and had no idea what was happening inside the club. And they hurt me.

"A player also depends on the internal environment, that we need to be a family. We weren't like that, and it was reflected on the field. If someone had to be blamed, they blamed me.

"I do self-criticism and should have played better. But I was always blamed, even if I played for a few minutes."

Alexis' transition was a very tough one. At United, he could only manage five goals in 45 appearances, a record that well qualifies to be termed 'below par' when placed alongside his eighty goals in 166 appearances at Arsenal.

He has since signed a permanent contract with Inter having enjoyed a loan spell with them in the 2019/2 0season.

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