Manchester City Ace Prefers a Pay Cut at Arsenal.

Manchester City star James Milner will take a pay cut in order to join Arsenal in the coming transfer window.

The Englishman has been hugely deprived of adequate playtime at his present club and he will rather earn less and play football than earn more to sit on the bench. This is not the first time we will see a player making such a decision so as to meet his target. Mikel Arteta did the same when he left Everton to join the Gunners just to play in the Champions League.

Milner presently earns £80 000 per week which means if he had accepted the new four year offer given to him by the Etihad outfit he would have added to that amount. Unfortunately for the Premier League Champions, the midfielder turned that down. According to reports from The Independent, the 28-year old feels his talents are not being revered by Manuel Pellegrini. His last appearance for City came when he was used as a substitute in a game against Liverpool where he almost helped them make a thrilling comeback, but that was not put into consideration as he was dropped in the game that followed.

The source also revealed City are willing to release Milner without any form of delay. It was first learnt they were going to block the deal to be able to meet with UEFA rules but since they are going to have a reduced squad, they no longer need to meet up with the homegrown player regulation.

Arsenal will have to pay nothing more than £10 million to secure Milner's signing. City will prefer letting him go for that amount to letting him leave for free after a year.

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