Thursday, 4 June 2015

Pictures: Arsenal Stars Spotted At London Night Club.

Arsenal Stars at Night Club.

Some Arsenal players were out celebrating their second consecutive FA Cup trophy win at a London night club on Saturday. They were spotted leaving the arena around 6am the following morning, the same day the victory parade was held.

Jack Wilshere was the main man at the hangout as he was seen leaving the night club before joining the parade where he took in more beer. The English international then went on to mock Tottenham by throwing out banter chants at the Arsenal rivals.

Few Aston Villa stars also showed up, even Chelsea defender, Gary Cahill was seen with the FA Cup winners at the Libertine club.

The players later went out to participate in a Sunday parade where thousands of fans were present to celebrate their side's new set record. The Gunners are the most successful club in the FA Cup with a total of twelve titles.

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