BREAKING NEWS: Arsenal and Real Madrid Finally Reach Agreement on Benzema.

Are you one of those who had been expecting to see a top striker at Arsenal this summer? Were you totally convinced that Arsene Wenger will succeed in getting Karim Benzema from Real Madrid? If 'yes', then I have to tell you something but before I do, I will advise you to pick a glass of cold water and pour it down your throat before going on. Calm down!

It has finally been agreed by Arsenal and the occupants of the Santiago Bernabeu. I mean a compromise has been reached. The two sides have agreed that the transfer of Benzema to the Emirates Stadium could happen some other time which will definitely not be this summer. Sorry to break your heart.

The Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger has made it clear that the French striker will be difficult to get as the Spanish giants do not want to sell him at the moment and also because he is still under contract at his current club.

Benzema who has been seriously linked with a move to London during this transfer window has committed his future to the club and wishes to remain at the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Speaking to reporters after Liverpool held his side to a 0-0 draw on Monday night, Arsene Wenger stated that news claiming that Benzema will soon join the Gunners are all false.

“That story is dead. That story has always been created every week. When a player has a contract, it’s the club that decides,” he said.

“Real Madrid have said many times they don’t want to sell him. It’s the same for us when we have a player under contract.”

Since we now know that we can no longer get Benzema, let's just zero our mind as if we will not sign anyone else. If any new player comes, it's all good and if none is signed, there is nothing more we can do than back the ones we have. We also have to pray for less or no long term injuries. Cavani? That transfer doesn't seem likely too.

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  1. If any player signs, it is a wonder kid, 16 - 17 years of age..that's what Wenger signs.


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