Arsene Wenger Confirms £400,000-a-Week Offer For Alexis Sanchez

Arsene Wenger Confirms £400,000-a-Week Offer For Alexis Sanchez

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Arsene Wenger is aware that Alexis Sanchez has been approached by some Chinese agents who are willing to offer him a staggering £400,000-a-week deal.

The offer is likely to serve as an obstacle on the path of the club who are trying hard to extend the stay of the Chilean international beyond the next 18 months.

Quizzed on the possibility of Alexis becoming the next big catch of the Chinese League, Wenger said:

“I believe it yes, why not. But why should you go to China today when you play in England?”

The Arsenal boss also stated that he is getting fed up of questions frequently thrown at him regarding the contract situations of Alexis and Ozil.

"It’s a repetition of the same things," he said.

"You’re always asked the same things. But that doesn’t quicken negotiations, the decision process.

“I’m not the only one who can decide.

“In this case it’s between two parties. On my side, the best position is to negotiate.

“These players will stay for at least 18 months. Negotiations are private. We don’t always need to explain.”

Sanchez and Ozil have 18 months left on their contract and are still in talks to decide their future at the North-London club.

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