How Cesc Fabregas Stopped Carrick's Arsenal Move

How Cesc Fabregas Stopped Carrick's Arsenal Move
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Ex-Manchester United star Michael Carrick has spoken out on the role Cesc Fabregas played in his failed transfer to Arsenal Football Club. How did this happen?

It was in the year 2004 of the Invincibles, at a time when the Gunners were desperately in need of a replacement for Patrick Vieira who was on the verge of quitting the Emirates Stadium. The development prompted the club to look out for an ideal option of which Carrick was one.

On a fateful Monday morning while heading to see the then Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp for talks to get him signed, a call came in from David Dein of Arsenal. It was learnt at that point that the London side had interest in him though there was no much detail yet.

Heading back from Redknapp’s hotel room, the phone rang again, it was Arsenal again. The message relayed to his agent through that phone conversation was that Arsene Wenger wanted to see Carrick.

Hearing such, he and his agent headed straight to Arsene Wenger’s home and afterwards, it was to an extent sure that he will soon become an Arsenal employee. He was very happy at such reality.

Then came the season’s curtain raiser, the Community Shield and Carrick watched as a certain outstanding youngster dominated in midfield. He was impressed but little did he know that the 17-year-old would end up being a hindrance to his dream move.

The following day, a call came through to Carrick’s agent. David Dein broke the news, a disheartening one. Wenger who is in line to receive a Lifetime Achievers Award tonight had changed his mind as he felt that kid Carrick saw playing the previous day was as good as he was. For that, he can go on to join another club as his services would no longer be required by Arsenal.

Gosh! Dream got crushed and Carrick was sad. Well, it’s normal to go crazy at such happening but that was then. He will today be grateful to nature for making that deal fail as he would later win five Premier League trophies and one Champions League title. He signed for Spurs shortly after the Arsenal transfer hit the rock but don’t begin to think that he won any of the aforementioned honours at Tottenham. How on earth would that have been possible? They were all won at Manchester United. Haha!

I guess when you saw the headline, what you had in mind was far different from what you have finally found out. Maybe you were thinking Fabregas advised Carrick (now a member of the Manchester United backroom staff) not to join Arsenal. Now you know. Lol!

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