Sagna Speaks: Why Arsenal Are Better Under Unai Emery

Sagna Speaks: Why Arsenal Are Better Under Unai Emery
Sagna won just one trophy at Arsenal | Credit: Getty

Bacary Sagna has opined that Arsenal are a better side under Unai Emery than they were under Arsene Wenger because the players are working harder this time around.

The Gunners are on a 16-match unbeaten run in all competitions and even though they have not claimed all three points from any of their last three games, they are not as poor as they used to be in the final years of Emery's predecessor.

The sudden speed in transition has made the former Arsenal right-back awed and according to him, things are working out as a result of more efforts being put in by the boys.

“It is strange. From one year to another, it is totally crazy,” said Sagna. “They enjoyed the summer to clear their minds and come back stronger.

“It seems like they give even more on the pitch and it is working for them. I am so happy to see the club back to its best. Arsenal is in my heart, it is my club.

“I was a bit sad to see them struggling the way they did the past two years. I was sad to see Arsene Wenger leaving when he did.

“He gave his life for the club. It can’t always be perfect and people were a bit harsh with him. Arsenal became Arsenal because of him. He was the man.

“But now I am happy because the players are happy and they seem to be sticking to the project.”

Sagna spent seven years at Arsenal winning just one trophy (2014 FA Cup) all through before heading to Manchester City. This is enough evidence that Arsenal had it tough for a greater part of Wenger's reign.

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