Carragher Stopped Suarez's Arsenal Transfer By Telling Him This

carragher told suarez not to join arsenal

Flashback to 2013 and it was news of Arsenal desperately in need of Luis Suarez in their quest to bolster their squad.

Then at Liverpool, the Uruguayan international was between the devil and the Deep Blue Sea as he had to make the decision of either missing Champions League football by remaining at Anfield or leaving for a possibly barren future on the other side where he would get European action.

He went for the first option at the end of the day but it was not without the advice of his seniors, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher.

In the words of the ex-Reds defender, he at the time believed that Arsenal as a football club was below the quality of Suarez.

“I think of Luis Suarez when he was at Liverpool,” he told Sky Sports when talking about Eden Hazard’s proposed move to Real Madrid.

“I wanted him to stay, but I knew in my head. This was something I spoke about with Steven Gerrard when he nearly went to Arsenal.

“We actually said, ‘You’re too good for Arsenal. If you’re going to leave, you have to go to Barcelona.”
The 32-year-old striker heeded the call, remained with the Merseyside club for one more term before finally making a switch to the Camp Nou.

His transfer to Barcelona was the right decision after all judging by the number of silverware he has added to his profile since making that switch.

Suarez has won the Champions League, La Liga and Copa del Rey titles - something he will most likely not have achieved had he signed for Arsenal.

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