'I Will Come Back Soon' - Arsenal Legend


Arsene Wenger says he will make a return to football even though he is not yet sure when that will be. The role he will play in the game is also undecided at the moment.

After a 22-year-reign that made the Frenchman the club's longest-serving and most successful manager, he left to be replaced by Unai Emery in May 2018.

He won three Premier League titles and seven FA Cup trophies - three of which came in his closing period. It was quite unfortunate that he could not lay his hands on European silverware despite being in the 2006 Champions League final.

Since Wenger's exit from the Emirates Stadium, he has indulged in some sporting activities outside management. His plan to get back to what he is best known for earlier this year have not come to reality but he has not given up on his ambitions.

In an interview with the BBC, the 69-year-old reiterated his desire to make a massive comeback to the footballing scene.

"I thought I will come back into management very quickly, but I enjoyed taking a little distance", Wenger said.

"Now I'm at a crossroads."

He added: "You will see me again in football. As a manager... I don't know.

"In this year I did a lot of charity work, conferences - and I enjoyed it, I must say, to be a little bit less in highlights and less under stress.

"I'm less intense, but I have a better perspective of what's going on. I see the mistakes managers make and I don't pay the price for it.

"I came to the conclusion I want to share what I learned in my life, because I think life is only useful if, at some stage, you share what you know.

"In what way will it be? Will it be in just winning football games, or will it be in another way? That's what I have to decide and that decision will come very quickly.

"Football is still my passion. I will come back soon - but I cannot tell you exactly in what capacity."

I am anxious to see how Wenger will fare in whatever position he occupies when he eventually gets a slot somewhere. Good luck to him in advance.

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