FIFA Rule to Force Unai Emery to Pay for Free Agent

Markus Schubert arsenal

Just recently, reports had it that Arsenal have found a replacement for the departed Petr Cech but that claim now looks shaky with fresh news of an ongoing hunt for a number 2.

The Gunners are said to be plotting a transfer for Markus Schubert whose contract will come to an end at the end of June.

Being that he will be a free agent soon, Arsenal were hoping to acquire him for almost no fee. However, Dynamo Dresden has requested that they part with something.

It isn't all about Dresden wanting a fee. There is also a FIFA regulation that states that any club who has trained a player under the age of 23 must receive compensation if the player is to go abroad.

The compensation will be based on how many seasons he has played from age 12 to 22. In Schubert's case, Arsenal will have to pay £70 000 for each season and that amounts to £560 000 altogether.

The fee applies whether such a player is out of contract or not and must be paid within a month of signing the deal.

The 21-year-old goalkeeper is seen as one of the top prospects in Europe and has done extremely well with Dynamo.

The required amount should not pose a problem for Arsenal even as they have a small transfer budget to make do with.

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