Brother of Forward Says He Wants Arsenal, Pleads With Club to Free Him

Zaha Arsenal Brother

One has been confirmed while many remain hanging as we wait for the new season to begin. In case you missed the news, Arsenal have on Tuesday completed and announced the signing of Gabriel Martinelli.

Today's news is on one of our targets, Wilfried Zaha. The forward is reportedly pushing for a move away from Selhurst Park but his club seems not to be cooperating.

Just recwbtjy, Crystal Palace sold Aaron Wan-Bissaka to Manchester United and are now doing their best to ensure that they do not part with another important figure this summer.

However, Zaha has reiterated his desire to go elsewhere. In fact, he  gave a hint of where he would like to head yo during an interview in which he confessed his love for Arsenal right from his childhood.

The brother of Zaha has now validated the claim of him wanting a move. Judicael Zaha told Sky Sports that his sibling wants to play for the side he has supported since his childhood days while also pleading with Palace to grant his request.

“Wilfried has had two very good spells with Crystal Palace and they have achieved a lot together,'' Judicael said. ''After playing a big role in Palace getting promoted, he went to Manchester United, came back and helped them consolidate in the Premier League

“Crystal Palace have told me that if an opportunity presented itself again for him to join a club who play European football regularly they would not stop Wilfried from getting back up to that level because they know there is a limit to whether he can fulfil all of his ambitions with Palace.

“They said if an opportunity like this presented itself they would not stand in his way. We are hoping they still feel that way and they can come to an agreement with Arsenal quickly, for the benefit of Wilfried's future.”

Arsenal are said to have put forward a £40 million bid which is half of Zaha's asking price.

The 26-year-old is currently representing his country at the 2019 Total African Cup of Nations.

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