Mikel Arteta Gives Reason Why Mesut Ozil Is Not Playing

There is one Arsenal player whose situation has raised questions from fans continuously. He seems not to be in the good books of Mikel Arteta just as we experienced under Unai Emery.

In fact, if we compare the treatment he got under the previous manager to the current one, it would be valid if we say that things are not getting any better for him.

The Gunners have played four games so far this season and Mesut Ozil did not go close to even making the bench. From our Community Shield win over Liverpool to Wednesday night's Carabao Cup victory at the King Power Stadium, the German was nowhere to be found on the team sheet.

It is not just about this season. If you still remeber so well, the 2019/20 season was paused in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Activities resumed in June and from that point till the campaign closed, we did not see him play. He last featured for us on March 7, two days after my birthday and a day to the day I met my girlfriend. 😊

What could the issue be? Could it be that he is not just liked by the boss or he has not proven himself to him yet? 

Speaking after our win last night when asked about the continual omission of Ozil from the squad, Arteta said: "The team is evolving, you can see the level they are achieving.

"This is where we are at the moment. We want to evolve more and play better and compete better. We need to keep maintaining that.

"I'm really happy with the performance here, how difficult they're making things for the coaching staff to select the squad.

"We are picking the players that we believe are the best for each game. You can see we keep training, it's what we're trying to do.

"You can see that the players we are changing, we are using, it's very difficult every week - not [just] for Mesut - but for some other players as well to make the squad. Every week we try to pick the right players.

"Of course I understand and I respect your questions, but I have to try to do my job as fair as possible. I try to select the players that are, in my opinion, in better condition."

Arteta answered in a diplomatic manner. He dished out responses that are not direct though one can easily get the message he passed.

He kept on talking of only picking the 'best' and 'right' players to play. What he has said stylishly is that Ozil is not in any way better than those we see playing in his position at the moment. Hmm!

Good enough, we have won every game trhis season without him which is why the agitation for his inclusion is not that high for now although our lack of creativity in some games have made some remember that we still need his services.

This is not good for both Ozil and the ckub. For the latter, not having the chance to play will cause a lag in his carreer. Man is not getting younger. He is 31 and this is the point he ought to even get some involvement in what he love s to do.

He will get paid whether he plays or not. His wage is currently the highest in the team meaning he is being given much to do absolutely nothing on the competitive front. Whose loss? The club!

The intriguing part of it all is that despite the whole thing, he is not pushing for a transfer out of Arsenal.

With just one year left on his contract, we might see the club allow him run it all out so he can depart as a free agent but will that be a wise move? No! Just sell him off if you do not need his services.

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