SURPRISE: Arsenal Legend Ignores Manchester United Idol.

Two legends met at Wimbledon today. The names of these two cannot be left out as far as the game of football is concerned. While one made fame as a player, the other did so as a manager.

Suspense getting too much, right? Okay, they are Thierry Henry, the Arsenal legend and Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United idol. What happened today was a bit surprising. One would expect that the duo would have a close relationship but the reverse was the case.

At the Wimbledon Championship, Henry and Fergie sat not too far from each other but did all they could to ignore each other. It got to a point where it looked as if the Scot was going to start up a conversation with the Frenchman but Henry got none.

It is not clear whether these two have any scores to settle. However, some think the rivalry between the Gunners and Red Devils during Henry's time in North-London is what is still causing enmity between the two.

As for me I believe it is beyond the rivalry issue. There should be something else making these two act in such a way. I am sure we will get to know more about what occurred today.

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