Chelsea Football Club Now Two Points Above City on League Table

Chelsea Football Club of London who have not been settled ever since the 2015/16 started are now above City with two points.

According to FIFA regulations which are also what the English FA follows, a team gets three points for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss and so far this season, that law has stood its ground.

So is it that Chelsea have now leapfrogged the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and co on the league table? Calm down and read on.

Mourinho's side have played ten games, won three, drawn two and lost five, meaning they currently have only eleven points. Hmmm!!

The above statistics put them in a spot very close to the relegation zone. They are 15th on the log with their loss to Westham United on Saturday being their latest setback. Why then should they be placed above City with two points?

If you carefully observe the league table as it is at the moment, you will notice that the team directly below Chelsea is Norwich City who have got nine points. Now let's do the maths. Chelsea (11 points) minus Norwich City (9 points will give us 2 points. Therefore, Chelsea lead City with two points.

Oh! So you were thinking the Blues are above Manchester City? You must be kidding. How on earth could that have happened overnight. I was talking of Norwich City not Man City. Both clubs are City you know. Like my Yoruba people will say: "City ni City n je" which means "City is City" whether Norwich or Manchester. Loool.

Good morning and have a nice day!

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