Robbers Invade Home of Arsenal Star and Steal Mercedes Car

Robbers Invade Home of Arsenal Star and Steal Mercedes Car

Oh! so some big boys visited him and escaped with his much valued property? This is a quite crazy one for this Arsenal star who has joined the league of English players who have received unwanted visitors in their homes.

The home of Arsenal goalkeeper, David Ospina was invaded by some armed robbers who at the end of their mission left with a £100,000 Mercedes.

This incident occurred while the Colombian international was away with his national side during the last international break.

When the rogues got to the mansion, the wife of Ospina, Jesica Sterling, their young daughter, Dulce María and son Maximiliano were all deeply asleep, thereby giving the robbers less hardship.

According to Jesica, she woke up to notice some things were out of place - one of the kitchen windows was wide open while the tap was left running. She also found out that the stolen car's key missing.

“We think that everything was planned because they came to the house through the window and took about 10 minutes maximum and left with the keys,” She told the Evening Standard.

“It was strange they didn’t look for anything else – just took the keys and went.”

“I can’t speak about it because the problem is still there and even though the police have the car they can’t give all the information,” Ospina is quoted to say by Daily Mail.

“We do not know what happened, this happened in the night time and the car was taken away.”

Fortunately for Ospina, the Mercedes AMG car was later tracked and found dumped at Wembley Park. The police are currently carrying out investigations as they hope to get the culprits but at the moment, no arrests have been made.

“The offence took place between 11pm on Friday October 9 and 8am on Saturday October 10,” a spokesperson is quoted to say by Daily Mail.

“Keys to a car were stolen and the vehicle subsequently taken. The car was later recovered in the Wembley Park area. No arrests have been made at this time and enquiries continue.”

The mansion which was stormed by the robbers was formerly occupied by Wojciech Szczesny who is now on loan at Roma.

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