Who Is Unai Emery?

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"Who is Unai Emery" was the question many asked and are still asking. It is not as if some who made such utterance knew nothing at all about this man. It was just a case of having little knowledge of who he actually is.

When people come up with questions like this, it becomes vivid that they have less confidence in someone and it is not any different with Unai Emery. The above question which birthed this post has more to it. When someone asks "Who are you?" it most often implies that he or she sees you as a minor, one who is not up to the task and cannot deliver.

Well, if you are one of those who only know Unai as the new Arsenal boss and assert that he showed up from nowhere to fill a position above his capacity then you have to read on because you will definitely have a change of thought at the end. We will be taking a look at his managerial career so far, paying more attention to his last three appointments.

Unai Emery stopped playing football in the year 2004 when he got sidelined by a career threatening knee injury. At this time, he was at Lorca Deportivo where he was given the coaching job. This was where he began putting his name in the book of legends. What exactly did he do?

Before the Spaniard filled in the empty slot at Lorca, the club had never for once made it to the second division but on his arrival, Unai ensured that that feat was achieved. To show you how great an impact his presence had on Lorca, they got relegated when he made an exit.

Emery moved on to Almeria and continued with the good works. His first season with them saw him push the club into the Primira Divison popularly known as the La Liga and you know what? That was their first time of getting in there. You can see how influential he was in his first two clubs. We haven't even touched the more spectacular ones but I know you're beginning to smile. Also worthy of note is his stint at Valencia where he made them qualify for the Europa League in his first season then recorded successive third place finishes in the next two seasons which also gave them Champions League participation. All these he did at a period when the club had chronic financial challenges.. Heroic, isn't it?

As some Nigerians or let me say Africans will say, "Unai's village people" followed him to his next club, Spartak Moscow in Russia, and as a result, he struggled hard to make a mark before he was shown the exit door.

Emery buckled up, returned to Spain and took over the mantle at Sevilla. It was at this time he achieved the greatest feat of his coaching career till date. This he did by winning the UEFA Europa League title three times in three seasons. Yes, you heard me right. Those who know how difficult it is to win that trophy will appreciate what Emery did. O Shaprapra! Lol!

Having achieved a great deal at Sevilla he decided to ply his trade elsewhere resulting to him securing a job in France where he served prior to his appointment as Arsenal boss. With Paris Saint Germain, he won one Ligue 1 title, two Coupe de France, two Coupe de La Ligue and two Trophees des Champions all in two campaigns.

The old years are gone and it's a new phase for Unai Emery, the man who has come to fill the void left by Arsene Wenger, the one who we all look up to to revive the glory days at Arsenal. If he could do it at other clubs, why not with us? Hopefully, he will put smiles on our faces in no time.

Before I drop my invisible pen, I'll like to let you know that Unai Emery holds a joint record of the highest number of trophies won by a manager since the 2013/14 season. He shares this record with Pep Guardiola, Massimiliano Allegri and Laurent Blanc. Smile, for our time has come.
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A New Era at Arsenal

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It is a new era at Arsenal Football Club. This is the revolution many have awaited for more than one decade and now that it has come to reality, they are high up in the moon hoping for something better.

It is not a thing of surprise to hear many supporters talk about their high expectations from the newly appointed manager, Unai Emery. This is down to the lack of spark from the past administration headed by Arsene Wenger. As prolific as he might have been at the initial stages of his tenure at Arsenal, we all know that things did not play out well for him at some point in time. This is evident in the fact that Arsenal never won a league trophy after the 2003/04 season which was the year of the Invincibles.

The Frenchman also failed to lay hold of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League trophy despite being close in 2006 and his last season respectively. During the latter reign of Wenger at the Emirates Stadium, the fans were only consoled by three FA Cup trophies after a long drought and successive top four finishes which have been unattainable in the last two seasons.

9ice said in his song 'Street Credibility' and I quote "Omo na turn by turn..." and that is what has come to play at our dear club at the moment. Wenger has completed the mission for which he was sent and now it is Unai's turn to lead us to the Promised Land which we have yearned to get to. It is time to have a taste of new wine.

Having said all these, I still hold Wenger in high esteem (never wanted him to leave in the first place). He transformed our club to what it is today and the foundation he laid will go a long way in aiding anyone who will be filling the managerial slot from Unai to eternity. He took us forty-nine games unbeaten in the Premier League and strove to ensure that we left Highbury for our new home, the Emirates Stadium among others. He will forever be in my heart and I wish him all the best. I am hoping to see his face on TV by the time the 2018 World Cup begins in Russia on 14th June. That alone will give me orgasm. Lol.
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Arsenal Announce New Player Kit Numbers

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A number of changes are ongoing at Arsenal as they look forward to a fresh campaign and one of them is the reallocation of kit numbers to some players.

The club announced through its official Twitter handle two days back that four players, Petr Cech, Hector Bellerin, Granit Xhaka and Mohamed Elneny.

Goalkeeper Cech has dropped his number 33 kit for the prestigious number 1 which was last worn by Wojciech Szczesny. This is an indication that he has a future beyond this summer at the Emirates Stadium.

Bellerin moves up to number 2 from 24. The Spanish international who will not feature for his team at the 2018 World Cup tournament in Russia has occupied three other numbers before now.

Mohamed Elneny has dropped number 35 for 4 while Granit Xhaka who was wore 29 previously has gone for the number 34.

Many will wonder why Xhaka made such an option because it is usual for players to go for the lesser numbers except in cases whereby they attach importance to the bigger ones.

It is not different in the case of Xhaka as the number 34 has great significance to him. His back and arm carries tattoos of the number which was his first as a professional footballer.

NOTE: Petr Cech: 33 to 1  Hector Bellerin: 24 to 2  Mohamed Elneny: 35 to 4  Granit Xhaka: 29 to 34.
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Why Arsenal Did Not Make Arteta Coach

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Tables turned in regards to the appointment of a manager at Arsenal as the much talked about favourite fell off the pecking order.

Arteta has had his name in every sports news outlet as the one most likely to succeed Arsene Wenger but recent revelation by David Orstein and some other reliable sources show that popular expectation in thr Arsenal fanbase has been dented.

Unai Emery, the one who said goodbye to Paris Saint Germain after failing to record maximum success in the UEFA Champions League was a late candidate for the Arsenal job. In his case he was the last but not the least because he got the job ahead of options earlier considered.

This twist brought up questions one of which is “Why did Arsenal decide to drop Mikel Arteta for Unai Emery?”

As reported by the Daily Mirror, the Arsenal board feared making a decision that will make the fans go mad at them should it backfire.  Arteta has not got the needed experience to take over as head coach at a club like Arsenal. Yes, he could come in and surprise the world but you will agree that appointing him at this time when the club needs resuscitation would have been a great gamble.

In contrast to Arteta whose only managerial experience is his assistant manager slot at Manchester City, Unai Emery has worked in a number of clubs and achieved success.

Highly notable is his spell at Sevilla where he won the UEFA Europa League for three consecutive seasons, a factor that boosted his chances during the interview.  With PSG, he won a Ligue 1 title and 4 domestic cup competitions all during his two season reign in France.

One other edge Emery had over Arteta according to insider sources was his familiarity with the styles of majority of the Arsenal first team players. He analysed them as though they have worked under him and this greatly impressed Ivan Gazidis who was to give the final say on the recruitment of a manager.

The confirmation of Unai Emery as the new manager at Arsenal is expected to be done this week during a press conference.
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Arsenal Finally Pick Arsene Wenger Replacement

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Against widespread speculations that Mikel Arteta will take over as the next Arsenal coach, the BBC has revealed that the London outfit have chosen Unai Emery.

Arteta was in pole position to succeed Arsene Wenger. However, Emery emerged favourite after talks with the club.

The 46-year-old recently quit Paris Saint Germain having led them to a Ligue 1 title and four domestic cup triumphs in two seasons and was replaced by Thomas Tuchel, one of those on Arsenal’s managerial shortlist.

Prior to his reign at PSG, the Spaniard worked with Sevilla where he secured three Europa League titles.

His non-fluency in the English language is not expected to be an obstacle to his coaching career at the Emirates Stadium.

The club is expected to make an official announcement and also hold a press conference later this week.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Spaniard Emerges Favourite for Arsenal Coaching Job

Spaniard Emerges Favourite for Arsenal Coaching Job

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Ex Arsenal and Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta now tops the list of possible Arsene Wenger replacements after the latter bid farewell to the club on Sunday.

A lot of deliberations on who is fit to fill in the void left by the Frenchman has been ongoing and according to many of the fans, a highly experienced coach is what the club needs to return to the good old days.

However, a recent revelation has it that the club's chief executive has given some qualities needed in the new Arsenal manager. From his list, it looks likely that Arteta who a section of the fans have tagged as inexperienced will be at the helm of team managerial affairs by the time the new season begins.

Ivan Gazidis according to Matt Law needs someone who will keep playing progressive football, reflect the values of the club and take massive interest in the development of youngsters. Arteta, Pep Guardiola's current assistant at Manchester City possesses all these characteristics.

The club hopes to announce the appointment of a new manager before the commencement of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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Arsenal's Stance on Sanchez

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The transfer market this season has definitely had its fair share of surprises with a number of top players already sold for astronomical fees and a few more being linked away from their current clubs of which a lucid example is that of Alexis Sanchez and Arsenal
With the return of Alexis Sanchez to training and Wenger’s constant reiteration of his desire to keep the Chilean at least for the foreseeable future regardless of several rumours being made about offers from other clubs particularly Man city, the question now is: Is keeping Sanchez really a good deal? To answer that question we may have to consider two factors. One of which is his off-field value (monetary). Valued at over £50 million, withholding such a valuable asset as Sanchez may be considered a business blunder especially if he fails to sign a new contract at arsenal at the end of the season and is allowed to go on a free transfer—which is likely. If sold now and of course the proceeds channelled towards needed reinforcements, the financial risk will appear less. Another factor that is being considered by Arsenal—and probably the most important—is his on-field value. Unarguably Arsenal’s best on-field player last season, Sanchez had the highest goal and assist tally. The Chilean provided a total of 24 goals and 10 assists in the premier league alone, making him the team’s best bet going forward. He also showed a work rate that was second to none in the team. His statistics speaks volume of him in general and that is obviously why Arsenal are willing to do almost anything to keep him, even going as far as making a financial risk that’s well over £50 million by deciding to keep him. The reality is, even if Arsenal were to sell him off, there is a very slim chance that they will be able to get a like-for-like replacement that will produce the same level of creativity and offensive threat as Sanchez does for the team.
Since Sanchez isn’t currently forcing his way out of the club, keeping him for another year looks like quite the deal especially when we consider the fact that one of his potential destinations is that of a rival team. Arsenal could easily become the laughing stock in transfer dealings again if they succumb to the current pressure of Sanchez’s contract situation. That is probably one of the reasons why the club is holding out for a free transfer next season at worst.

If (and that’s a big if) Wenger could, however, manage to get him tied to a contract at the end/before the turn of the season, it would easily be one of Arsenal’s best dealings in recent times. Not just because they were able to keep their best player but also because it shows that the club has a level of control in the transfer market as a top team should—something desirous of its fans.

By Maze
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Wenger 100% Optimistic That Forward Will Remain at Arsenal

Wenger 100% Optimistic That Forward Will Remain at Arsenal

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Amid reports that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is likely to make a switch away from the Emirates this summer, Arsene Wenger has resounded his confidence in retaining him.

Rumours have it that the English international has been shortlisted by Liverpool who are hoping to complete a £25 million transfer. (The Sun)

The Arsenal manager however is optimistic and has stated that he '100%' expects the former Southampton midfielder to remain in North-London for at least one more season.

Chamberlain impressed greatly for Arsenal last season but he didn't get enough games which is why the is considering a transfer to another club.

The winger is currently on tour with the rest of the team in Australia, so at the moment matters are on hold. We will get to see what plays out by the time they return.

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Arsene Wenger Addresses Sanchez and Ozil Contract Issue

Arsene Wenger Addresses Sanchez and Ozil Contract Issue

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Arsene Wenger seems not to be moved by the massive drama being staged in the media over uncertainties surrounding the future of two of his star players.

Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have for some time been the centre of attraction as a result of their continuous silence over contract matters.

It is believed that the duo aren't happy with the low success rate at the club and as a result want to join a team which has got more hunger for laurels.

All these to Wenger are just mere hoax as he is confident that they want to remain at the club and help them out of hardship.

Responding to the question on whether it will be a difficult task to tie down Alexis and Mesut to new deals if the club fails to make top four, the Frenchman said:

"No, because they are part of the results as well. Like I am. Overall, I think first of all they are under contract and secondly they behave like they want to be in the Champions League and like they want to be at the club. They don’t behave like players who are disinterested in the future of the club."

Arsenal currently sit if fifth spot with just one game to go. They will be hoping to win while praying for Liverpool to either draw or lose against Middlesbrough.

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Arsenal To Announce Signing Of “New Alexis Sanchez”

Arsenal To Announce Signing Of “New Alexis Sanchez”

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In a news that one can claim to be an indication of Arsenal attacker Alexis Sanchez staying with Arsenal beyond this season, Daily mail are reporting that Arsenal are set to announce the signing of high rated Chilean youngster Marcelo Allende who recently completed a successful trial with the club.

It was reported that Marcelo Allende who captained Chile at the last FIFA under 17 world cup is being encouraged by Alexis Sanchez to sign for Arsenal and that the more senior Chilean is ready to mentor him during his stay at Arsenal. Sanchez himself has only 18 months left on his contract and there have been reports he could be leaving Arsenal at the end of the current season with Chelsea said to be the Chilean’s number one choice should he decide to leave Arsenal.

Although the big sports betting sites are already taking bets on Sanchez leaving Arsenal at the end of this season but if Daily Mail is right, it could well mean Sanchez himself is certain of reaching an agreement with Arsenal on a new deal or is ready to see through his current deal. If that is the case, many Arsenal fans will certainly be happy as Sanchez is simply one of our best, if not the very best, players. Losing him at the moment won’t be good for the club as it will be difficult to replace him and there is no guarantee that the club will reinvest whatever cash is raised from his sale.

Marcelo Allende turns 18 today and eligible to sign a professional contract finally which means Arsenal can now go ahead and complete the deal with the young star. It is believed that Wenger rates the forward and is ready to notch him into a world class forward. The signing of Marcelo Allende could also be an indication that Wenger is ready to remain at Arsenal beyond this summer.

The Frenchman who has been at Arsenal since October 1996, almost 21 years ago, is yet to sign a new contract with Arsenal despite reports that the board has offered him a new two years contract with a salary increment of 20%. Wenger's contract ends at the end of the current season.

However if Daily mail are not lying, then it could be that Marcelo Allende has decided to sign after getting reassurance from Wenger that he, Wenger, is going to remain at Arsenal beyond this season. Everything is pointing to the fact that Wenger will remain at Arsenal. The reported recent signing of SeadKolasinac on a free transfer from Schalke 04 of Germany is also another indication that Wenger is set to remain at Arsenal beyond this season.

It appears that Wenger and the club are only waiting for some more positive results before announcing the Frenchman has signed a new deal.

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