PHOTOS: Jack Wilshere Enjoys Holiday With His New Girlfriend.

We have finally gotten more details on the Jack Wilshere lady-kiss stuff. I made a post here about a particular image which showed the Arsenal star kissing someone who isn't his long-time girlfriend. As at that time, we never knew what was going on or who the lady was but right now, more info has come in.

According to the Daily Mail, the lady Jack was with is his new girlfriend who he is currently enjoying his summer holiday with. She is the daughter of the 23-year-old's barber. Her name is Andriani Michael.

It was however not stated if there had been any misunderstanding between Wilshere and his well-known girlfriend, Lauren Neal, who already has two kids for him.

If the daughter of his barber is now his new girlfriend as Mail stated, then it means Miss. Lauren is no longer with him.

Arsenal are reportedly set to offer the midfielder an improved contract offer which will shoot his weekly wage from £60 000-£100 000. This is a way of warding off interest from Manchester City who want to bring him to the Etihad this summer.

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